Report to the Gloucester Planning & Development Committee


Over fourteen years, the Gran Prix of Gloucester cyclocross race has grown from a single day, local event attracting fewer than 200 participants to an internationally recognized two-day event drawing more than 1,100 national and international competitors. Within the cycling world, Gloucester is known as one of the best produced, most professional and beautiful races in the country. This recognition is not only apparent through the growth of the race itself, but in the media coverage and depth of athletes who attend. The Gran Prix of Gloucester has been recognized by publications such as Outside Magazine,VeloNews, Bike and the Boston Globe as not only an outstanding participatory event, but as a spectacular spectator venue as well.

An event of this scope has an obvious positive financial and social impact on the City.We feel the Gran Prix of Gloucester is an important draw for the City and we continue to believe we have acted as responsible and ethical civic partners. It’s our hope we can continue to collaborate with the City to produce this event.

Report to Gloucester P&D