Broadway Redesign Project: Historical View

As part of my work on the Beverly Bike Committee, I was asked to join the Broadway Task Force

Raw Data

Massachusetts Historical Commission, Office of the Secretary, State House Boston – extensive research into houses in the late 1970s
Summaries cull data from Assessor’s records, Beverly Citizen, City Directory, Essex county registry of deeds

Cliffs Notes version of data:

11 Broadway – Joseph A Wallis house. Designed by Beverly Architect George Swan. Wallis was partner of Wallis, Kilham & Bray shoe manufacturers employing over 200 workers. Severed as Trustee of Beverly Savings Bank and became Mayor of the City. d 1918

12 Broadway – Sarah Warner Clark house.
Sea serpent carvings
House sits on Steven’s Hill
Born in Beverly, Ms Clark deeply involved in church work. Also donated substantial amount of money to start campaign for new YMCA erected in 1914. d. 1914

16 Broadway – Robert Rantoul Endicott Estate
Steven’s Hill
Served as State Representative, later Selectman and president of the Board of Trade.Succeeded his father as President of Beverly Savings Bank.
House included library, dance hall, studio (for his daughter a watercolor artist) and servants chamber.
He compiled list of people he met, included : Abraham Lincoln, James Polk, Daniel Webster, U Grant, Dickens, Pope Leo XIII

19 Broadway – Augustus N Clark House
Pioneer work of developing the town west of Cabot St including Rantoul St. moved train station to present location to connect two sections of town
Served Board of Health, instrumental in formulating the Central Cemetary. Represented Beverly in state legislature
d. 1905

21-23 Broadway – Kimball-Woodberry House

25 Broadway – S Bennett Bray house
Bray was partner of Wallis, Kilham and Bray

26 Broadway – Hervey Lunt house
Partner in Flint & Co
Chairman of the Beverly Board of Assessors
Became boarding house in 1908

27 Broadway – Colonel Francis E Porter house
Formed FE Porter Co with his brother Jeremiah to manufacture shoes.
Joined Beverly Light Infantry when civil War broke. Led detachment for town. During war, his factory produced nap sacks for Union Army.
One of first factories to use steam powered machinery.
Served as Postmaster of Beverly, served in State legislature for 2 years.

30 Broadway – Jasper F Pope
Partner of Putnam & Pope lumber dealers
Involved in expansion of town in late 19th century

31 Broadway – Jeremiah L Porter house

32 Broadway – Charles H Baker house
Partner w Louis Parker in firm Baker Bros Co manufacturers of women’s and children’s footwear

34 Broadway – Harriet E Jenness

35 Broadway – Charles H Preston house
Organ builder
Land purchased from Robert Rantoul in 1859
Builders (possibly architects) J & JE Ober of Beverly Farms

38 Broadway Josiah F Bradstreet house
Partner of Marsters and Walker shoe manufacturers. Factory on corner of Broadway and Park could be seen from the house
President of Beverly Republican Club
In 1903, was occupied Charles A Lamson, president of United Telephone Company

39 Broadway – Charles Endicott house
Son of William Endicott

45 Broadway – William Endicott house
House built on land his wife inherited from her father Robert Rantoul.
William direct descendant of John Endicott first governor of Massachusetts. Very involved in town.
President of Beverly Savings Bank for more than 20 years.
Involved with Beverly Fuel Society, group that provided fuel to poor of town. His will left substantial amount to this group.
b 1799
d jan 8, 1899 just short of 100 years
House entrance originally faced Rantoul St until 1929 when strip of land was sold and block of stores now obscures the facade.

Infographic –
Layers of info:
Business ties
Family ties